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The National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC) is based on the Australian National Immunisation Program (NIP) recommendations for Australian immunisation schedules. 

If vaccine doses are delayed or missed, the Calculator can provide a catch-up schedule which can be presented to a Health Professional.

Schedule variations for all states and territories have been incorporated.

Immunisation Schedule recommendations are published on the Australian Immunisation Handbook website.

Calculator recommendations are provided by antigens due. Users can access additional information to assist with the interpretation of the recommendations form the Handbook website’s Recommendations and Resources pages.

This version

This version of the National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC) has been developed and designed for Australian children less than 10 years of age based on the National Immunisation Program scheduled vaccines. If vaccine doses are delayed or missed, the Calculator can assist by providing a 'catch-up' schedule for future vaccines.

The Calculator is antigen based to enable use throughout Australia and incorporates variations for Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander children in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The Calculator is designed based on the Australian immunisation schedule and therefore may not give accurate recommendations if used for individuals who have been vaccinated overseas.

The Calculator does not provide recommendations for individuals with Medical at Risk conditions where additional boosters may be recommended.

Users should always exercise their own independent skill or judgment or seek additional professional advice before relying on the information provided for clinical decision making.

Future Versions

Later releases of the NICC are planned to expand the age groups for catch-up calculations.

Further information on upcoming releases will be provided as and when they become available.

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3 December 2019
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