Adolescents aged 9–18 years are recommended to receive 9vHPV vaccine. 

The optimal age for HPV vaccination is around 12–13 years.

The recommended schedule for adolescents aged 9–14 years is 2 doses, with a 6–12-month interval between doses.1-5 

The recommended schedule for adolescents aged 15–18 years (that is, past their 15th birthday) at the time of their 1st HPV vaccine is 3 doses, with an interval of 2 months between dose 1 and dose 2, and 4 months between dose 2 and dose 3.

People with significant immunocompromising conditions need 3 doses of HPV vaccine, regardless of their age (see Vaccination for people who are immunocompromised). 

Dosing intervals
There is no specified upper limit for the interval before the final dose. However, do not delay giving the final dose, to ensure adequate protection before sexual debut. 

Adolescents who have not received HPV vaccine at the recommended intervals may need extra doses of vaccine. See Catch-up vaccination for more details, including minimum intervals between doses.

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