Adolescents and adults who have never had a tetanus-containing vaccine are recommended to receive:

  • 3 doses of dT vaccine with at least 4 weeks between doses
  • booster doses at 10 years and 20 years after the primary course

These people should receive 1 of the 3 primary doses (preferably the 1st) as dTpa, to protect against pertussis. If dT vaccine is not available, they can receive dTpa vaccine for all primary doses.3

Catch-up vaccination has details on managing people aged ≥10 years who have never received dT vaccine and need catch-up doses.

Check the recommended intervals between doses when giving dTpa or dT in a catch-up schedule. See Table. Catch-up schedule for people ≥10 years of age (for vaccines recommended on a population level) in Catch-up vaccination.

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diphtheria-tetanus vaccine for use in adults
diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine, reduced antigen content formulation