Non-immune childhood educators and carers are strongly recommended to receive 2 doses of varicella vaccine at least 4 weeks apart.

Varicella transmission can occur in schools and childcare centres, and can lead to outbreaks.6-8

People who work in childhood education and care do not need to receive varicella vaccine if they have either:

Testing for seroconversion after varicella vaccine is not recommended. This is because immunity following vaccination is often not detectable using currently available blood tests. See Serological testing for varicella immunity from infection or vaccination. However, because varicella vaccination is not 100% effective, advise childhood educators and carers about the signs and symptoms of infection, and how to manage them appropriately according to local protocols if they develop varicella.

See also Recommended vaccines for people at increased risk of certain occupationally acquired vaccine-preventable diseases in Vaccination for people at occupational risk for more details.

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