Healthcare workers, carers and household contacts of people in high-risk groups are strongly recommended to receive annual influenza vaccine.

Healthcare workers, carers and household contacts who should be vaccinated include:

  • all healthcare providers, particularly those caring for people who are immunocompromised
  • household contacts (including children ≥6 months of age) of people in high-risk groups, including people who provide home care to people at high risk of influenza 
  • people working in early childhood education and care
  • staff or volunteers caring for homeless people

This is because these people can transmit influenza to people who have a higher risk of complications from influenza infection.

Because of the high rate of influenza in the general population, vaccinating employees can result in workplace benefits such as increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.42 Employers should consider the benefits of offering influenza vaccine in their workplace, particularly for occupations at higher risk of influenza.

See Recommended vaccines for people at increased risk of certain occupationally acquired vaccine-preventable diseases in Vaccination for people at occupational risk.

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9 April 2020
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