A 3-dose schedule of 9vHPV vaccine is recommended for people with significant immunocompromising conditions, regardless of their age when they started vaccination. 

This is because their immune response is likely to be lower than healthy people. They are also more likely to develop a persistent HPV infection and HPV-related disease.6,7 

Significant immunocompromising conditions include:

  • primary or secondary immunodeficiencies (complete or partial deficiencies of B-lymphocyte antibody or T-lymphocytes)
  • HIV infection
  • malignancy
  • organ transplantation 
  • significant immunosuppressive therapy 

People with asplenia or hyposplenia
People with asplenia or hyposplenia can receive a 2-dose schedule if they meet the age requirement at the 1st dose (9–14 years). 

See also Vaccination for people who are immunocompromised.

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