See Catch-up guidelines for individual vaccines for children <10 years of age for important details, including for Hib, MenB (meningococcal B) and pneumococcal vaccines.

These are not the routinely recommended intervals between vaccine doses. These minimum intervals are only to be used for catch-up vaccination. Catch-up using a combination vaccine must meet the minimum intervals for all antigens.

Vaccine Minimum interval between doses 1 and 2 Minimum interval between doses 2 and 3 Minimum interval between doses 3 and 4 Minimum interval between doses 4 and 5
DTPa 4 weeks 4 weeks 6 months 6 months (unless dose 4 received at >3.5 years of age, then dose 5 is not needed)
Hepatitis A (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in NT, Qld, SA and WA only) 6 months na na na
Hepatitis B (excluding birth dose) 1 month 2 months (minimum interval between dose 1 and 3 is 4 months) na na
MMR 4 weeks na na na
Poliovirus (IPV) 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks (unless dose 3 received at >3.5 years of age, then dose 4 is not needed) na
Pneumococcal  (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in NT, Qld, SA or WA and those with a risk condition need extra doses — see Pneumococcal disease) 4 weeks 2 months (must be ≥12 months of age) na na
MenACWY (at 12 months of age) (infants with certain immunocompromising conditions need extra doses — see  Meningococcal disease) 8 weeks (Menveo and Menactra only; Nimenrix is given as single dose) na na na
Rotavirus 4 weeks (must be within upper age limit) 4 weeks (for RotaTeq 3rd dose in schedule) na na
Varicella 4 weeks na na na

DTPa = diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis; IPV = inactivated poliovirus; MenACWY = meningococcal ACWY; MMR = measles-mumps-rubella; na = not applicable

Last updated: 
3 June 2020
Last reviewed: 
3 June 2020


diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccine
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