Vaccine Age of vaccine recipient (years) Dose (hepatitis A virus antigen) Volume per dose (mL) No. doses Vaccination schedule
Vivaxim ≥16 160 antigen U 1.0


(+ 1 monovalent hepatitis A vaccine)

1st dose: single dose of Vivaxim (mixed vaccine) on day 0 (day of vaccination)

2nd dose: 2nd dose of hepatitis A–containing vaccine (monovalent hepatitis A vaccine) 6–36 months after the dose of Vivaxim, for long-term protection against hepatitis A


Table. Recommended doses and schedules for combination hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines


Table. Recommended doses and schedules for monovalent hepatitis A vaccines

Last updated: 
7 June 2018
Last reviewed: 
7 June 2018