Recommended doses of Japanese encephalitis vaccines
Age at vaccination Vaccine Number of doses Booster Notes
≥2 months to <18 years JEspect 2 doses (28 days apart) No recommendation

Each dose of JEspect in infants and children aged ≥2 months to <3 years is 0.25 mL.

There are no data to inform recommendations for booster doses in infants and children <18 years. Consider a booster if the child needs sustained protection.

≥9 months to <18 years Imojev 1 dose 1–2 years after primary dose if ongoing risk of JE virus exposure None
≥18 years Imojev 1 dose Not required Seroprotective antibody levels persist in most adults 5 years after a single dose of Imojev.5
JEspect 2 doses (28 days apart) 1–2 years after primary dose if ongoing risk of JE virus exposure Adults can receive an accelerated primary course of JEspect (2 × 0.5 mL doses, 7 days apart) if they are at imminent risk of exposure to JE virus.

Table. Recommended doses of influenza vaccine by age group


Table. Recommended intervals between immunoglobulins or blood products, and measles-mumps-rubella, measles-mumps-rubella-varicella or varicella vaccination

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4 June 2018
Last reviewed: 
4 June 2018


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