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Infographic. Vaccination for international travellers

Vaccination for International travellers

All international travellers should be up to date with routine vaccines given in Australia. Check if the traveller needs any booster doses before they leave.

Other vaccines can help protect against the following diseases:

  • gastrointestinal (cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid);
  • aerosols and droplets (meningococcal disease, tuberculosis, influenza, COVID-19, measles);
  • bloodborne (hepatitis B);
  • zoonotic (rabies);
  • insect-borne (Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever).

Take a risk assessment approach and vaccinate based on the traveller’s health, age, lifestyle, occupation and previous vaccines; travel itinerary; and activities. All these contribute to the traveller’s likely risk of disease.

See the Australian Immunisation Handbook for more details.

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