Sanofi-Aventis Australia
Administration route: 
Intramuscular injection
Vaccine group: 
Combination vaccines

Registered for use in people aged ≥16 years.

Combination hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine

Supplied in a dual-chamber syringe that enables the 2 vaccines to be mixed just before administration.

Each 1.0 mL dose of mixed vaccine contains:

  • 160 antigen units of inactivated hepatitis A virus (GBM strain)
  • 25 µg purified Vi capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi strain Ty2
  • 0.3 mg aluminium as aluminium hydroxide
  • 2.5 µL phenoxyethanol
  • 12.5 µg formaldehyde
  • ≤5 µg neomycin
  • <10 ng bovine serum albumin
  • traces of polysorbate 80

For detailed advice on vaccine dosage, administration, contraindications and precautions, please visit the relevant disease chapter.

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