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Updates on 17/02/2017

Influenza (flu)

4.7.4 Vaccines

Afluria Quad – Seqirus (quadrivalent inactivated influenza virus) is now available in Australia for adults aged ≥18 years.

Clarification on advice relating to waning immunity following influenza vaccination and the timing of vaccination to provide the maximum protection.

4.7.5 Transport, storage and handling and 4.7.6 Dosage and administration

Advice relating to the timing and importance of discarding vaccines when they reach their expiry date.

4.7.10 Precautions

Clarification of advice on influenza vaccination for persons with egg allergy including the addition of Table 4.7.2 Recommended administration of influenza vaccine in egg allergic individuals.

Persons with egg allergy, including anaphylaxis, can be safely vaccinated with influenza vaccines. Non-anaphylaxis egg allergy or people sensitised but who have not yet eaten egg can be vaccinated with full age appropriate dose in any immunisation setting. Persons with a history of anaphylaxis to egg should be vaccinated in medical facilities with staff experienced in recognising and treating anaphylaxis.  Anaphylaxis following a previous dose of influenza vaccine continues to be a contraindication to future influenza vaccination.

4.7.13 Variations from product information

ATAGI’s advice on egg allergies and vaccination during pregnancy varies from the product information.