Travellers are recommended to receive hepatitis B vaccine if they are visiting regions of intermediate or high endemicity, and either:

  • travelling for a long time, or taking short, frequent trips, or
  • likely to participate in activities that increase their risk of exposure to hepatitis B virus20

Adult-formulation hepatitis B vaccine should be given in a 3-dose schedule. See Table. Monovalent hepatitis B vaccines for adolescents and adults in Vaccines, dosage and administration.

An accelerated vaccination schedule can be used in exceptional circumstances for people intending to travel to hepatitis B–endemic areas with a very limited time before departure. See Table. Accelerated hepatitis B vaccination schedules for people with imminent risk of exposure in Vaccines, dosage and administration.

The combination hepatitis A-hepatitis B vaccine may be appropriate for travellers if they are not immune to either disease and are travelling to an area of high hepatitis A endemicity. This is usually given in 3 doses using Twinrix (720/20). See Table. Combination hepatitis A-hepatitis B vaccines in Vaccines, dosage and administration.

For more details, see Hepatitis A and Vaccination for international travellers.

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